EPL Round 13: Post-Match Report

2023-12-05 01:48:19

The English Premier League Round 13 has concluded, and Soccerment, a football data website, has released its post-match report. This report covers the performance of the traditional top six teams, as well as Brighton, Newcastle, Villa, and West Ham. It provides an insight into the key metrics that help evaluate player and team performance. These metrics include xGoT, xThreat, Field tilt, GPI, GPE, PPDA, and xOVA.

xGoT, which stands for Expected Goals on Target, measures the expected number of goals a player will score after a shot on target is made. It takes into account various factors such as the player's position, the defenders' position, and the angle of the shot. It helps in evaluating the quality of scoring opportunities. In contrast, xG (Expected Goals) only considers the immediate chance of scoring during the shot itself. xGoT is also a useful metric to assess a goalkeeper's save proficiency.

xThreat, or Expected Threat, quantifies a player's contribution to increasing the probability of scoring through shooting, passing, and ball possession. It uses a complex mathematical formula that assigns a probability value to each small grid area of the pitch based on the potential for goal-scoring opportunities. xThreat gives more weightage to passing and dribbling compared to shooting.

Field tilt represents the control a team has in the attacking third of the pitch, also known as the "final third". A higher field tilt indicates a team's dominance in attacking play.

GPI (Gegenpressing Intensity) measures the intensity of high pressing by a team. A higher GPI value reflects a stronger pressing game.

GPE (Gegenpressing Efficiency) evaluates the effectiveness of high pressing actions. A higher GPE value indicates a more efficient pressing strategy.

PPDA (Passes Allowed per Defensive Action) is another metric that measures the intensity of pressing. A lower PPDA value indicates a stronger pressing game.

xOVA (Expected Offensive Value Added) assesses a player's offensive contribution to the team. Similar to xThreat, it considers a player's expected goals, expected assists (xA), and subtracts expected assists received. Notably, xOVA highlights a player's ability to create scoring opportunities independently.

Now, let's take a look at the post-match analysis of the Round 13 matches:

Arsenal vs Wolverhampton Wanderers:

In the match between Arsenal and Wolves, the xGoT values were remarkably high. Both teams created numerous high-quality scoring chances. Arsenal displayed a dominant field tilt, indicating their control in the attacking third. The xThreat values were also favoring the Gunners, showcasing their strong offensive contribution. The game showcased intense high pressing from both sides, as reflected in the high GPI values. Arsenal emerged victorious with their efficient press, as indicated by a higher GPE compared to Wolves.

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur:

The match between Manchester City and Tottenham was a tightly contested affair. Both teams had similar xGoT values, indicating an equal number of good scoring opportunities. The field tilt was evenly balanced, showcasing that both teams had their fair share of attacking control. The GPI values were relatively high, suggesting a strong pressing game from both sides. The GPE values were also similar, indicating an efficient pressing strategy from both teams. The game ended in a draw, reflecting the balanced performance of the two teams.

Chelsea vs Brighton:

Chelsea's dominance was evident in their high xGoT values, highlighting their significant scoring opportunities. The Blues also had a commanding field tilt, showcasing their strong attacking presence. The xThreat values favored Chelsea, illustrating their effective offensive contribution. Brighton struggled to create significant scoring chances. Despite a lower GPI value, indicating a weaker pressing intensity, Chelsea's high GPE value suggested an efficient pressing game. Chelsea cruised to victory with their dominant performance.

Newcastle United vs Manchester United:

Newcastle United delivered a surprising result with a win over Manchester United. Although the xGoT values were relatively balanced, Newcastle United managed to convert their chances effectively. The field tilt was in favor of the Magpies, indicating their attacking dominance. Newcastle United's xThreat values also surpassed those of Manchester United, showcasing their higher offensive contribution. The GPI values favored Newcastle United, as they displayed a strong pressing game. Manchester United, on the other hand, had a higher GPE value, indicating a more efficient pressing strategy. Despite their efforts, Manchester United failed to secure a victory.

West Ham United vs Crystal Palace:The match between West Ham United and Crystal Palace was a closely contested battle. West Ham United had higher xGoT values, suggesting better scoring opportunities. The field tilt was evenly balanced, reflecting both teams' attacking presence. Both teams showed a strong pressing game as indicated by their high GPI values. The GPE values were similar for both sides, showcasing their efficiency in pressing. Ultimately, the game ended in a draw, signifying a balanced performance from both teams.Bournemouth vs Aston Villa:Bournemouth had higher xGoT values, indicating their superior scoring opportunities. However, Aston Villa's efficient conversion of chances led them to victory. The field tilt was in favor of Bournemouth, highlighting their attacking dominance. Bournemouth also had higher xThreat values, suggesting their stronger offensive contribution. The GPI values favored Aston Villa, indicating a more intense pressing game. Aston Villa's high GPE value showcased their efficiency in pressing and helped them secure the win.Liverpool vs Fulham:Liverpool's dominance was evident in their high xGoT values, showcasing their superior scoring opportunities. The field tilt was heavily in favor of Liverpool, reflecting their strong attacking presence. The xThreat values were also higher for the Reds, highlighting their effective offensive contribution. Fulham struggled to create significant scoring chances. Liverpool's intense high pressing was evident from their high GPI values. Their high GPE value further demonstrated the efficiency of their pressing game. Liverpool emerged victorious with their dominating display.Overall, the post-match report provides valuable insights into the performance of each team and player. The metrics analyzed help evaluate the effectiveness of gameplay strategies, pressing intensity, and offensive contributions.